Lesson 7 – Best Practice Recommendations + Things To Consider

Here are some things to keep in mind when providing notice to members of your community: 

  • Add to our table in Lesson 3 – Public Noticing Requirements At A Glance. This training module covers all the minimum notice requirements imposed by the State of Utah. Your own jurisdiction likely has additional notice requirements written into its code. Read through your code and add what you find to our table. Do that, and you’ll never miss a notice! 
  • Identify the hot topics in your community and make sure that your jurisdiction’s code addresses public noticing. That will save you from upset citizens down the road. 
  • More is more. The easier you make it for community members to fulfill their civic duty (or just be involved in affairs that matter to them), the better job you’ll do as a community leader and the happier everyone will be. 
  • Be more social!  Although not mandated by state law, if your community has a social media account, be sure to also regularly post meeting notices and agendas to it. Consistency is key – so if your jurisdiction does choose to go this route, ensure there is a process to make sure all notices are posted consistently.  Otherwise, your jurisdiction may run the risk of being accused of holding certain applicants to different standards.  Also, invite residents and business owners to join a city-wide email or text list. Of course, once you set this up, be sure that you maintain it!