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This training is available at no cost to the community because the Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman has provided funding for this training program from the 1% surcharge on all building permits in the State of Utah.

Updated 3/23
Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)
Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are becoming a popular choice among Utah communities working to meet the requirements of the State’s affordable housing mandate. In addition
NEW 7/23
Administrative VS Legislative Decisions
It's important to understand the difference between administrative and legislative decisions so that you can pursue your role legally, ethically, and with an understanding of
NEW 7/23
Annexation Policy Plans
Annexation laws pertaining to counties in Utah are governed by two sets of rules, one for counties of the first class (Salt Lake) and another
Updated 3/23
Annexation: Policy Plans + Municipal Process
Annexation is the formal process of incorporating additional property, previously part of an unincorporated county, into a municipality’s jurisdictional boundaries. The incorporation of this property
Updated 3/23
Appeal Authority + Variances
An appeal authority is defined in Utah State Code §10-9a-103 as the person, board, commission, agency, or other body designated by ordinance to decide an
NEW 7/23
Business Licensing And Land Use Regulations
Business licenses are required by law in Utah to ensure that a business complies with all governmental regulations and laws.
NEW 7/23
Code Enforcement

Enforcing land use codes in small towns presents significant challenges. It’s not surprising considering that in these close-knit communities, known for their strong sense of

NEW 12/23
Code Enforcement: Plain Language + Enforceable Standards

In the context of ordinances, “plain language” refers to the use of clear, straightforward, and easily understandable language in the drafting of legal texts, such

Updated 3/23
Conditional Uses
Conditional uses are land uses / activities that have unique characteristics which require careful review by the land use authority regarding their proposed location, design,
NEW 7/23
Conditional Uses: Turning C’s Into P’s
Conditional use permits are granted when detrimental effects are reasonably mitigated not eliminated.
Updated 3/23
Development Agreements
A development agreement is a contract between a local county or municipality and a private party (land owners or developer) that helps both parties work
NEW 12/23
Development/Design Standards

Design standards play a critical role in the realm of land use planning, serving as essential guidelines and criteria that shape the physical attributes and