Lesson 4.1 – Adopt The New Code

Adopt The New Code:

After developing the draft ordinance, your municipality’s legislative body (council members) has the opportunity to make any changes they deem necessary. Remember: The new code regulating ADUs can only be adopted by your community’s legislative body (council members) in a properly-noticed public hearing. 

Action Items:

  1. Provide formal public notice of the adoption meeting/hearing. Be sure to include links to where copies of the draft ordinance can be obtained.
  2. Conduct the public hearing. Gather final thoughts and comments before adoption. Remember the legislative body must formally vote for its adoption. 
  3. Once adopted, remove any unnecessary formatting (line numbers, unofficial headers/footers, page numbers, etc) before replace any old code materials with the new ones.
  4. Reference CiviclinQ’s Sample Notice Language for Electronic Meetings resource in the “Materials” tab before conducting your public meetings/hearings online.

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Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Issue Briefing

  • Use the link above to download and distribute the conditional use permit (CUP) issue briefing.

Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Model Code

  • Use the link above to download and modify the word document containing the model code.

Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Model Ordinance

  • Use the link above to download and modify the word document containing the model ordinance.  Note: In order to complete the model ordinance you will need to cut the model code language you modify from the file above and paste into the document.

Sample Notice Language For Electronic Meetings

  • Use the link above to download a template to inform the public of what is taking place and how they can participate in your public meetings / hearings online.