Lesson 3.1 – Conduct A Policy Workshop

Conduct A Policy Workshop:

The issues surrounding CUPs are relatively straight forward. The model ordinance language developed for CUPs by CiviclinQ consultants has only a small handful of points that need to be customized by the legislative body.

(Note: These are explained more within the model ordinance word document. See shaded gray boxes.) Also, don’t forget, when all of the proposed policy changes have been made, your community is welcome to send a copy of your draft ordinance to CiviclinQ for additional review and recommendations! Sometimes it never hurts to have an extra set of eyes!

Action Items:

  1. Participate in the public meeting / public hearing discussions with your municipality’s designated body(ies).
    • Generally a municipality’s Planning Commission will hold a public meeting/hearing in order to make a recommendation on the proposed policy to the municipality’s legislative body.
    • The legislative body will then hold a public hearing to consider the adoption of the draft ordinance.
    • If the legislative body does not adopt the ordinance in their initial meeting, incorporate their recommended changes into a draft ordinance, and schedule a follow-up adoption meeting/hearing. 
    • If the legislative body does adopt the ordinance, move to the Lesson 4.1.

Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Issue Briefing

  • Use the link above to download and distribute the conditional use permit (CUP) issue briefing.

Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Model Code

  • Use the link above to download and modify the word document containing the model code.

Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Model Ordinance

  • Use the link above to download and modify the word document containing the model ordinance.  Note: In order to complete the model ordinance you will need to cut the model code language you modify from the file above and paste into the document.

Sample Notice Language For Electronic Meetings

  • Use the link above to download a template to inform the public of what is taking place and how they can participate in your public meetings / hearings online.