City vs. Town Requirements

With the adoption of S.B. 110 in 2022 came a mandate: “Except for a city of the fifth class or a town, on or before December 31, 2025, a municipality that has a general plan that does not include a water use and preservation element that complies with §10-9a-403 of Utah State Code, shall amend the municipality’s general plan to comply”10-9a-401). This means that fifth class cities (10,000 people or fewer) and towns are exempt from the new requirements, and only larger cities are required by law to make the additions to their general plans.  

However, water conservation is often viewed as a team sport, and residents of various sized communities throughout the state are anxious for the future of such a vital resource. Therefore, as a planning standard and best practice, we at civiclinQ encourage all municipalities in Utah, regardless of their size, to incorporate water use recommendations, preservation techniques, and state requirements in their general plans.