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§15A-1-302 of Utah State Code defines factory built housing as a manufactured home or mobile home.  Modular housing, known in Utah as a “modular unit” or “modular building” unit is defined separately from a factory built housing and is defined as a structure constructed from one (1) or more modules or panelized systems that is manufactured in accordance with the State Construction Code and transported to a location, the purposes of which is for human habitation, occupancy, or use.

Some of the many benefits and advantages to utilizing factory built and modular housing include:

  • Lower Production Costs.  Factory built homes and modular housing are more cost effective than traditional site built construction due to streamlined production processes including the bulk material purchases, reduction of construction waste, and by maximizing labor efficiency.
  • Increased Quality Control.  Factory built homes and modular housing adhere to strict quality standards during production, including undergoing rigorous inspections.  Improved construction methods and materials also enhance the unit’s resistance to weather and natural disasters making the unit more durable over time.
  • Predictable Timelines.  Unlike typical site built construction, which can be delayed by various weather conditions, factory built homes and modular housing can adhere to more predictable production timelines due to controlled conditions inside factories which minimize human errors and material defects, resulting in a higher-quality end product for the consumer.

Navigating the different facets of factory built and modular housing can be daunting.  Especially when construction terminology starts to intertwine with land use terminology and the various requirements set forth by the State.  

Special Note: The Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman has provided funding for this training program from the 1% surcharge on all building permits in the State of Utah.

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